Creating Unique

Surrogate Try-Out Parts

These are preliminary parts used to test certain aspects or processes of a product before the actual parts are manufactured. They help in assuring that the part will do what it was designed to do.  They are used for Market Testing, Design Validation, and Functional testing.  

How can this be done?

  • Creates prototypes quickly
  • Variety of sizes
  • Great for form, fit and feel testing
  • Standard, engineering and performance materials
  • Full-color modeling
  • Pantone validate capabilities
  • Include sensory, functional and tactile materials such as the Rubber-like, High Impact (D-ABS), UltraClearS (glass like), VeroUltra™
  • Creates multiple prototypes at one time
  • Variety of materials
  • Large in scale printing
  • High precision printing
  • Smooth surface finish
  • High resolution printing
  • Variety of materials
  • Large volume production
  • Large variety of materials
  • Small in scale printing
  • Low volume production
  • Light weight printing
  • Variety of materials
  • Small to large volume production
  • Great for spare or replacement parts

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