End-of-Arm Tooling

Custom end-of-arm tooling for robots, also referred to as EOAT, is made specifically for applications like grabbing parts, welding painting, or sensing.  You can buy basic/standardized EOATs  ready-made, but for challenging shaped parts or faster work, you can use 3D printing to customize them  3d printing with several types of printers lets you make custom EOAT quickly and cheaply compared to old school machining.  With 3D printing, you can print EOAT parts from tough plastics that are also lightweight.  Plus you can design shapes to include like hollow channels for the vacuum.  Normal machining has limits on the designs.  3D printing is a fast and cheap way to make custom EOAT for your robots that does exactly what you need.

How can this be done?

  • FDM printers are used most often for EOAT.  They can print a variety of materials and print both small and large EOAT.  
  • Stereolithography printer, capable of large EOAT with internal channels. materials based on requirements.
  • Origin1 P3; capable of small to medium EOAT with internal channels. Materials based on requirements.
  • SLS Metal Printers; capable of small EOAT with internal channels. Materials in powder form based on requirements

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