Our Facility

The main office of Prototyping Solutions is located in Birmingham, AL.  While this facility represents the hub of our operations, we have several strategically located offices throughout our territory. These satellite offices are important parts of our company.  They allow us to better serve our clients and ensure seamless operations across our region.

The main location:  Our facility has offices, a training room, a warehouse, and a 3D print Lab.  Our main office is equipped with the latest technology to support both our staff and our customers.

Training Room:  Our training room is a versatile space designed to facilitate learning and development. It’s equipped with audiovisual equipment, computers, interactive whiteboards, and comfortable seating to accommodate most groups.

Warehouse:  Our warehouse is used to support the logistics of our operation and for storage. It’s secure, organized, and designed to handle the day-to-day shipping and receiving. 

3D Print Lab: One of the highlights of our facility is our cutting-edge 3D print lab, where creativity knows no bounds. We own several 3D printing technologies:

FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling): This technology is the core of our business.  We have several 3D printers and can print parts with multiple materials in a wide range of sizes to accommodate customer requirements.

PolyJet: Our Color PolyJet printers provide high-quality, multi-material 3D printing with exceptional precision and detail, making it ideal for intricate and visually stunning prototypes.

Origin1 DLP (Digital Light Processing) Technology: Our Origin1 DLP printer offers high-speed, high-resolution 3D printing, enabling rapid prototyping and production of complex parts with incredible precision.

Meltio M450 (Wire-Laser Metal Deposition) Ideal for small to medium size part fabrication, and multi-metal 3D printing research

Our 3D Printing Team

Our 3D print lab is staffed by highly trained technicians who assist you in creating your projects.  They give tours to those curious as well as produce the parts you need for your project.   Whether you’re an engineering manager, product designer, engineer, or artist, our 3D print lab can be your creative space for innovation.

Our facility is a hub of innovation, it is equipped with everything you need to turn your ideas into reality. We provide a versatile and inspiring space for your additive 3D-printed projects. Come visit a place where imagination knows no bounds!

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