Meltio M450

Your Comprehensive Metal 3D Printing Solution The Meltio M450 is a groundbreaking turn-key metal 3D printer specially designed for industrial applications, removing the need for extensive infrastructure. With its affordability, reliability, safety, and ease of use, this state-of-the-art technology empowers you with metal 3D printing capabilities like never before. It is the ideal choice for fabricating small to medium-sized parts and conducting advanced research in multi-metal 3D printing.


Suitable for any environment thanks to a process built around wire, a sealed chamber and a built-in 3 stage filter.


The metal 3D printing process is monitored in real time and compensated if required by process control.

Easy to Use

Automatic toolpath generation and material print profiles supplied by Meltio make for a plug and play experience.


The low capital and running costs of the Meltio M450 make metal 3D printing of conventional parts possible

Metal Wire-Laser 3D Printer

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