Ignite Innovation with 3D printing in the Aerospace Industry!

The aerospace industry is an early adopter of 3D printing.  It’s one of the most advanced industries using additive manufacturing because of its small batch, custom order style.  The leading aerospace companies compete but cooperate too, like working together on industry standards for materials and 3D printing.  Stratasys is a leader there, making the standards data available industry-wide.  This teamwork speeds up the regulatory process, so companies don’t have to do as much on their own. 

Aerospace companies use additive manufacturing across a spectrum of applications. These applications can be grouped into three broad categories. Engineering, Production and Flight Parts.

Aerospace 3-D Printing by Prototyping Solutions

Aerospace 3-D Printing

Aerospace Case Study

Boom Supersonic and Sustainability

Boom engineers 3D printed multi-hole drill guides for accurately locating fastener holes over larger areas of the aircraft’s structure. The drill guides were printed on the Fortus 450mc™ and F900™ printers using FDM® Nylon 12CF carbon fiber and ULTEM™ 9085 resin materials.

Boom Supersonic Case Study - Prototyping Solutions
Aerospace 3-D Printing by Prototyping Solutions

How we help the Aerospace industry

  • Engineering – Development of product concepts and prototypes.
  • Production –  The process of manufacturing the aircraft, sub-assemblies and parts involving various forms of tooling and other manufacturing aids.
  •  Flight Parts – The production of parts that become part of the aircraft.

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