3D Printing Empowers Health Care Heroes

Stratasys offers a comprehensive portfolio of 3D printers and materials to meet the needs of medical device manufacturers, from prototyping to tooling to production. Stratasys end-to-end solutions give you the power to rapidly iterate, verify, validate and manufacture with the speed and reliability you can expect from award-winning technology. 

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Medical Product 3D Printing Solutions from Prototyping Solutions

Achieving Improved Results through
Tailored Solutions for Patients

The utilization of 3D patient-specific models for surgical planning can enhance clinical outcomes and positively impact procedural economics, leading to substantial cost savings and financial advantages for hospitals. Stratasys Medical Experts have developed a customized Return on Investment (ROI) framework that can be adapted to any hospital setting. Through pharmacoeconomic analysis, this framework showcases how implementing a 3D printing program can contribute to reducing hospital expenses, enhancing operational efficiency, and creating new avenues for revenue generation. Discover the genuine value that 3D printing can bring to your hospital.

How Can it Help?

What Does it Need to Do?

√ Will it be a model for proof-of-concept?
√ Does it need to function like your finished product?
√ Will it actually be your finished product?

What are the Requirements?

√ Is it necessary for it to be biocompatible?
√ Will the part be used repeatably?
√ Is it simply a model?

What Material Properties Does it Need?

√ Does it need to be realistic?
√ Does it need to print in multiple colors and materials?
√ Do you have specific preferences for surface smoothness?

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