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3D Printing Spare Parts

In the context of production ramp-up, spare parts management becomes crucial. Ensuring availability and efficient distribution of spare parts not only supports the product throughout its lifecycle but also builds trust with consumers, as they are assured of long-term support for their products.

How can this be done?

  • Creates prototypes quickly
  • Variety of sizes
  • Great for form, fit and feel testing
  • Standard, engineering and performance materials
  • Full-color modeling
  • Pantone validate capabilities
  • Include sensory, functional and tactile materials such as the Rubber-like, High Impact (D-ABS), UltraClearS (glass like), VeroUltra™
  • Creates multiple prototypes at one time
  • Variety of materials
  • Large in scale printing
  • High precision printing
  • Smooth surface finish
  • High resolution printing
  • Variety of materials
  • Large volume production
  • Large variety of materials
  • Small in scale printing
  • Low volume production
  • Light weight printing
  • Variety of materials
  • Small to large-volume production
  • Great for spare or replacement parts
  • Fully dense ABS parts with injection-molded quality
  • Ultra high resolution and surface finish
  • Real engineering-grade thermoplastics
  • SAF Printers; is used for low to medium production parts the material is Nylon
  • Origin1 P3; is used for  Small, High Precision, Smooth surface, High Resolution materials based on requirements. 
  • MoldJet technology is used when you need large numbers of detailed ceramic or metal parts.  Several materials are avialable.
  • Stereolithography printer is used for Large, High Precision, Smooth surface, High Resolution, materials based on requirements
  • FDM printers are used when either Large or small, low volume production parts are needed.
  • Caracol Robotics printer,  Used when you need large production parts and need a large assortment of materials.
  • SLS Metal; Technology is used for low numbers of light weight small metal parts and can use several different materials.
  • Wire-Laser technology – small to large parts for production, spare parts or repairs
  • Scanners Are used to crate a base for a mold or to create a file to recreate or modify a part.. 

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