Stratasys Origin® One 3D

Unleash Next-Level Part Production with Origin One 3D Printer

The Origin One 3D Printer, a game-changing technology that empowers flexible production of end-use parts using an array of high-performance materials. Harness the power of P3™ Programmable Photopolymerization technology to achieve unmatched accuracy, consistency, detail, and throughput. Brace yourself for an exciting new era of 3D printing capabilities.

Stratasys Origin One 3D Printer - Prototyping Solutions

Achieve Agility in Meeting Demanding Applications with Origin® One

Maximize your production capabilities and reduce lead times by adopting Origin® One. With this versatile 3D printer, you can swiftly enter the market by converting parts effortlessly—enabling on-demand manufacturing without the burden of inventory or retooling penalties. Embrace flexibility for a seamless production process.

Origin One Technology

Optimal Printing Possibilities with GrabCAD Print for Origin One

The power of GrabCAD Print for the Origin One, providing users with the ultimate flexibility to prepare files for printing according to specific application requirements or desired print time. Enjoy added benefits like labeling, advanced material management, and access to open materials via the OpenAM™ parameter set.

Exciting Updates Ahead: Prepare for automatic and advanced manual support generation, delivering precision performance for your 3D printing needs. Coming soon!

GrabCAD 3D Printer Software - Prototyping Solutions


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