Empowering Productivity and Precision

Experience unmatched productivity and precision with the MPRINT, equipped with a powerful 200W fiber laser. This cutting-edge 3D printer ensures exceptional performance, delivering outstanding results for your projects.

The MPRINT boasts a cartridge system that prioritizes user safety and cleanliness, minimizing direct powder contact during handling. Enjoy a seamless and worry-free printing process with enhanced user protection.

Featuring a generous build volume of 150mm x 150mm x 150mm, the MPRINT+ offers the largest construction area within its performance range, providing unparalleled flexibility for your manufacturing needs. With its remarkable focus diameter of 70µm and Galvo scanner, the MPRINT opens up a wide array of applications, granting you the freedom to explore various possibilities for your projects. Expand your horizons with the MPRINT’s flexible extension option, allowing you to integrate the lab module and explore the limitless potential of LPBF technology in diverse applications. Elevate your additive manufacturing capabilities with the MPRINT, where productivity, precision, and versatility come together to revolutionize your 3D printing experience.

MPRINT 3D Printer - Prototyping Solutions

Boundless 3D Metal Printing Potential

Discover the limitless possibilities of metal 3D printing through our cutting-edge additive manufacturing process. Explore an extensive array of applications and uncover value-added use cases that can be harnessed across diverse industries and materials.

Our systems are already operational in various industries, showcasing their versatility and adaptability. But that’s not all – their potential extends far beyond, with applicability in numerous other domains.

Embrace the future of metal 3D printing and unlock boundless opportunities for your projects.

MPRINT 3D Printer - Prototyping Solutions


With MONE, experience the ultimate digital platform for remote monitoring and control, revolutionizing the way you manage construction jobs from anywhere.

Monitor and Control Anywhere: Whether it’s through your PC, tablet, or smartphone, MONE empowers you to keep a close eye on ongoing construction jobs regardless of your location.

Efficient Machine Overview: Easily add machines and access a comprehensive overview of all available MPRINT+ units, allowing you to manage and select each one individually.

Real-Time Status Updates: Stay connected with the built-in camera inside the process chamber, providing you with real-time visuals and the remaining time of the running build job.

Experience the seamless power of MONE as it simplifies your construction job management and puts you in control, anytime, anywhere.

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