Materialise Magics

The most powerful data and build preparation software for additive manufacturing

Use CAD and mesh tools in Magics’ comprehensive toolbox to simplify and optimize your additive manufacturing (AM) workflow. Gain advanced control over your processes, automate repetitive tasks, and increase print success rates with the industry’s leading data and build preparation software — supporting you no matter which 3D printing technology you use.

Explore Magics' newest features

Enhanced CAD toolset

Gain more control over your BREP workflow with new operations such as Delete Face, Taper Face, Mirror Part, Cut Part, and measurements. Create native CAD primitives like tensile bars for quality parts.

Automate your workflows

Use custom or off-the-shelf scripts within the Workflow Automation tool to reduce the time and effort spent on manual tasks.

Open files with drag and drop

Drag and drop files to conveniently open them on the home screen or in Magics part or platform scenes.

Integration with CO-AM

Experience more traceability and connectivity when you link Magics and CO-AM, offering revision logs, alerts, and more.

Multi-part editing

Gain editing flexibility by fine-tuning individual models in the part scene or editing multiple parts with ease and speed in the platform scene.

Integration with Machine Manager

Connect to your Build Processors with this cloud-based solution that allows you to manage basic machine parameters such as scan fields and no build zones.

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