Stratasys J850™ Pro

Achieve Prototypes with Realistic Look and Feel

Experience the J850 Pro’s revolutionary capabilities to print prototypes that closely resemble the finished product. With the ability to print up to seven materials simultaneously, you have the flexibility to explore virtually unlimited material combinations and create multi-material parts. From consumer products to medical devices, the J850 Pro streamlines and accelerates your product development process.

The high print resolution ensures impeccable surfaces for parts, delivering incredible accuracy, even for intricate details like printed graphics and complex geometries. Embrace the unmatched realism and precision of the J850 Pro, setting new standards for your prototype printing needs.

Automotive Parts

Take advantage of a range of shore values, realistic textures and durable, ABS-simulating materials to create accurate prototypes for user testing and fit verification.

Consumer Products

Move through concept verification quickly with ultra-fast prototyping and an easy 3D printing workflow. Create tear-resistant flexible parts at a range of shore values, for products that require soft-touch surfaces, sealing, bending or shock absorption.

Consumer Electronics

For customized lighting components and clear tubing, the J850 Pro offers transparent materials that simulate the optical qualities of PMMA. Multimaterial capabilities let you create overmolded parts in one print, making it fast and simple to get accurate product models.

Multi Material 3D Printers

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