Stratasys J826™ Prime

Introducing the J826™ Prime 3D Printer: Unlock 5x More Design Iterations

Maximize your creativity with the J826 Prime 3D printer, designed to deliver 5x more design iterations. Its compact yet powerful design boasts a large seven-material capacity, providing unparalleled flexibility for your projects. Dive into a world of limitless possibilities and explore the J826 Prime 3D printer today.

Stratasys J826 Prime 3D Printer - Prototyping Solutions

Accelerate Your Innovations with the Power of Iteration

With a J8 Series 3D printer, what used to take weeks can now be achieved in a matter of days. Enjoy 5x more design iterations compared to traditional methods, giving you the freedom to explore and refine your ideas swiftly.

The J8 Series printers feature a large, seven-material capacity, allowing you to load your most frequently used resins and eliminate downtime caused by material changeovers. Thanks to the Super High-Speed draft mode on the J850 Prime and J826 Prime, each design alternative can be printed quickly, boosting your workflow even further.

Design, test, and refine with unparalleled efficiency. Embrace the possibilities of rapid iteration and accelerate your journey to innovation with the J8 Series 3D printer.

Achieve Transparency

Use VeroUltra™Clear to 3D print translucent parts or combine with colors to create stunning transparent shades.

Enhance the Vibrancy

Achieve a near match for fit, form, color and texture during rapid prototyping with VeroVivid™ multicolor materials.

Concept in Grayscale

Produce low-cost concept models that rapidly advance the first stages of the design process with DraftGrey™.

Create Flexible Parts

Use the Agilus30™ material family to create flexible parts and prototypes that can flex, bend, elongate and seal.

Stratasys J826 Prime 3D Printer - Prototyping Solutions

Lower the Cost to Create

In general, prototyping with 3D printing is more cost effective than traditional methods and eliminates the need to outsource or hire specialized experts. Lower prototyping costs by more than 80% compared to traditional methods.

Simplify Printing Prep for Success Enhance Your Workflow with GrabCAD Print™ Software

Streamline your 3D printing process with GrabCAD Print™ software, making file preparation a breeze. Print directly from your preferred design software, and effortlessly work with file formats like 3MF, OBJ/VRML, STEP, and various native CAD formats. Detailed previews of your model allow for adjustments before printing, ensuring optimal results. Thanks to regularly updated smart default settings, such as texture recognition, tooltips, and notifications, your printing journey will be smooth and seamless. Trust GrabCAD Print™ to guide you towards successful prints with ease.

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