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Transforming Manufacturing: Heron AM’s Robotic Large Format 3D Printing

Elevate your manufacturing capabilities with Heron AM, an integrated platform that takes you to the forefront of the next era in production. Embrace efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability in your supply chain by adopting large-scale 3D printing of thermoplastic composite parts. Join global companies leading this transformative shift. Ready to reshape your manufacturing landscape? Begin with Heron AM today.

One Platform, One Provider, One Solution

Application First

We developed our large format 3D printing technology with end-user needs in mind, after years of collecting experience on producing parts for clients. We aim to ensure production quality and continuity for the most advanced industrial applications.

High-Productivity Platform

Heron is a modular, integrated hardware, software, and automation platform, all in one solution to enhance the flexibility, efficiency, and sustainability of your manufacturing processes, ensuring control of the production cycle, minimizing risks and downtimes. As one provider, Caracol delivers quicker innovation, higher customization, and prompt and reliable support.

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