Stratasys F900

Unleash the Power of Large-Scale 3D Printing

Experience unparalleled precision, repeatability, and performance with the industry’s leading FDM 3D printer, the F900. Designed for large-scale projects, this workhorse delivers highly accurate 3D printed parts, making it the preferred choice in the Aerospace, Automotive, and Industrial Manufacturing sectors.

Global manufacturing giants trust the Stratasys F900 for its exceptional uptime, reliable output, and robust data security. Paired with our groundbreaking Industry 4.0 software solutions, we are unrivaled in providing industrial-grade 3D printing solutions.

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Stratasys F900 Industrial 3D Printer from Prototyping Solutions

Embrace Maximum Production Capability with the Stratasys F900 FDM 3D Printer

As conventional manufacturing undergoes a transformative shift towards greater connectivity and flexibility in the Industry 4.0 era, additive manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D printing, continues to push the boundaries of what is possible. With its inherent ability to overcome the limitations of traditional manufacturing technologies, AM offers unparalleled opportunities for innovation and production efficiency.

Whether you require large-scale prototyping or end-use parts for aerospace vehicles, the Stratasys F900 is equipped with the advanced features and versatile materials to cater to any application. With an impressive 18 cubic feet of build volume and seamless connectivity capabilities, this exceptional large-format 3D printer serves as a production-ready workhorse, seamlessly integrating into your manufacturing operations.

Unlock the path to superior manufacturing capabilities. Download our insightful whitepaper and navigate the steps towards embracing the transformative power of the Stratasys F900 FDM 3D Printer.

F900 Typical Applications


Take advantage of the expansive build volume of the F900 to prototype large parts in a single print, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming traditional prototyping methods. With a diverse selection of materials available, the F900 empowers you to pursue both conceptual and functional prototyping, ensuring you have the flexibility and capability to bring your ideas to life. Experience the efficiency and versatility of the F900 in revolutionizing your prototyping process.

Jigs & Fixtures

Enhance your manufacturing efficiency by replacing heavy metal jigs, fixtures, and manufacturing aids with lightweight tools made from robust and durable thermoplastics. With the F900, you can rapidly produce large tooling fixtures, minimizing production downtime caused by damaged tools and enabling swift validation of new production tooling. Embrace the power of the F900 to optimize your production processes and experience the benefits of reduced weight, improved durability, and accelerated tooling validation.

Low Volume Parts

Accelerate the achievement of production goals by leveraging the capabilities of 3D printed end-use parts, whether for low-volume orders, obsolete components, or as a transition towards full-scale production. With the F900’s generous build volume, this 3D printer can handle large batches of small parts or produce single-piece, consolidated assemblies for larger components. Streamline your manufacturing process, reduce complexity, and achieve greater efficiency with the F900’s ability to accommodate diverse production needs in a single printing process.

Industrial Additive Manufacturing 3D Printer

Proven Performance Trusted Worldwide

Experience the global trust and proven performance of our F900 industrial large build volume 3D printer. Industry leaders and government agencies around the world rely on the F900 for its unmatched reliability, repeatability, and outstanding performance. With a track record of success spanning years, this printer is an absolute necessity for any industrial manufacturing operation. Join the ranks of those who trust and depend on the F900 for superior 3D printing capabilities.

Unlock a Range of Material Possibilities

Discover the versatility of the Stratasys F900, offering an extensive portfolio of FDM thermoplastic materials tailored to meet a diverse range of industrial applications. With options ranging from standard ABS to carbon fiber to ESD-capable PEKK, the F900 provides a comprehensive selection of materials to fulfill any manufacturing demand. Experience the freedom to choose the perfect material for your specific requirements and unleash the full potential of the F900 3D printer.

Enhanced Connectivity and Data Security

Achieve seamless factory floor connectivity with MTConnect while ensuring robust protection of sensitive printer and system data through ProtectAM. With MTConnect, your manufacturing operations can establish a reliable connection between the factory floor and other systems, facilitating efficient data exchange. Safeguarding valuable information is made possible by ProtectAM, which enables data processing security, including compliance with U.S. DOD STIG standards, supported by the trusted Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® software. Prioritize connectivity and data security with these powerful solutions to elevate your manufacturing processes.

(Red Hat is a registered trademark of Red Hat, Inc. in the United States and other countries.)

Large-Scale Manufacturing

Setting the Standard for Reliable, High-Performance 3D Printing

Join global industry leaders in manufacturing who trust the exceptional performance of the F900 3D printer. Renowned for its reliability and accuracy, the F900 sets the benchmark for achieving precise and consistent 3D printing results. Whether you’re printing a full tray of complex parts or a single large component, the F900 delivers unmatched accuracy with every print, ensuring reliable and exceptional outcomes, every time. Elevate your 3D printing capabilities with the trusted performance of the F900.

  • Large build volume

  • Application versatility

  • Industry-leading performance

  • Smart-factory integration

Stratasys F900 Industrial 3D Printer from Prototyping Solutions

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