BASE Support Removal

The largest envelope in our Support Removal series

PostProcess® BASE™ FDM support removal solution offers the largest envelope in our Support Removal series, providing uniform, high-quality results for all part geometries with short cycle times. The BASE employs Volumetric Velocity Dispersion (VVD) technology for delicate to robust support removal and higher throughput. Its rugged design suits even the largest additive manufactured parts, with a 40″ L x 27.5″ W x 26″ H envelope.

The proprietary Volume Velocity Dispersion (VVD) technology utilizes high volume and flow jet streams coupled with a perpendicular linear motion, ensuring fast cycle times and virtually no damaged parts. The high-volume (200 GPM), low-pressure system (35 PSI) offers a powerful yet gentle detergent flow, keeping parts secure without risking damage. The bi-directional jetting action prevents part collisions, maintaining stability.

Combining AUTOMAT3D® software, controlled energy, and exclusive detergents, the BASE delivers consistent, hands-free support removal. It accelerates operations with intelligent cycle time programming, customizable settings, one-touch repeatability, recipe storage, and pre-programmed preventative maintenance schedules.

AUTOMAT3D® Software Features

  • Variable temperature (85-160°F, 29-71°C)
  • Programmable cycle time
  • Proprietary Agitation Algorithms

Hardware Features

  • Volume Velocity Dispersion (VVD) technology
  • Customizable settings
  • Set and save programs for future runs
  • Stainless steel envelope
  • Textured powder coated enclosure
  • Counter-weighted vertical sliding door
  • In-line strainer
  • Multiple fixtures available
  • Drain
  • Casters for easy installation


Patented FDM support removal solution!

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