Artec Metrology Kit 3D Scanner

Experience the epitome of precision in industrial applications with our advanced 3D optical coordinate measuring system – the Metrology Kit. Designed for tasks such as deformation analysis, testing, and inspection, this versatile solution seamlessly integrates into your workflow.

The Metrology Kit offers unparalleled flexibility, delivering impeccable results whether you’re working in your workshop or out in the field. Compatible with leading software platforms like Control X and PolyWorks, it seamlessly integrates into your existing setup.

This powerful kit can function as a standalone optical measurement solution, providing precise measurements with remarkable accuracy. Additionally, it can be utilized as a referencing tool to enhance 3D scanning accuracy over larger distances. With the Metrology Kit plugin, you can effortlessly access the complete 3D scanning and photogrammetry workflow directly within Artec Studio.

Elevate your precision and streamline your processes with the Metrology Kit. Experience the ultimate solution for high-precision industrial applications, delivering flawless results and ensuring exceptional accuracy every step of the way.


Achieve reliable and straightforward inspections of objects such as aircraft components, ships, and wind turbines with the utilization of a high-accuracy optical coordinate measuring system. Experience unparalleled precision and confidence in your inspection processes.

Artec Metrology Kit 3D Scanner from Prototyping Solutions
High precision for full confidence

Enhance the precision of your datasets and confidently conduct inspections in high-repeatability use cases. Experience the assurance of accurate and reliable results that meet stringent requirements.

Integrate Photogrammetry Data Seamlessly into Your Workflow

Incorporate the Metrology Kit’s data seamlessly into your workflow, enabling you to perform detailed comparisons with 3D meshes and CAD entities. Leverage its high accuracy to make precise measurements of distances with confidence and efficiency.

Ensure Uncompromised Precision in Unstable Environments

Capture precise measurements that meet repeatability requirements at almost any production step, even in dynamic environments where the part is in motion. Experience the ability to perform accurate measurements, even on a hydraulic ramp or other challenging scenarios.

Use it anywhere

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Compatible with different software


The Metrology Kit is an optical coordinate measuring system that is mostly used for different types of inspection – roundness inspection, sheet-metal inspection, and fixture inspection. Analysis – deformation analysis, tolerance analysis, 3D process analysis. And also referencing for other measurement systems. It can also be used for part alignment, CAD comparison, and other optical measurement usage applications.

Working with the Artec Metrology Kit begins with object preparation using targets, reference bars, and other accessories required for measurement, and then image acquisition, image transfer, image processing, and 3D-coordinates calculation for the generation of a point cloud.

Because processes like reverse engineering and inspection occur in so many processes, the use of optical systems like the Artec Metrology Kit transcends any one particular industry. The Metrology Kit has found use in general industry, aerospace, automotive, wind energy, railway construction, and many more industries.

The Artec Metrology Kit is shipped with the relevant settings already configured. These include focus, aperture, ISO, flash sensitivity, and exposure time. The measurement system is calibrated with these settings. To ensure that it works as intended, it is recommended that you do not adjust the factory settings as this could affect accuracy. Please refer to the support page for more information.

The Artec Metrology Kit provides very accurate measurements over distance. However, it does not produce dense point clouds like 3D scanners do. Depending on your use case, you may want to use one or the other, or in a combined workflow.

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Leverage this optical measurement solution to analyze the deformation characteristics of materials under various environmental conditions and loads. With a focus on short measuring time, the Metrology Kit is ideal for efficiently examining the geometrical changes of objects such as storage tanks, vehicle components, or design prototypes. Experience accurate and efficient analysis for your critical processes.

Artec Metrology Kit 3D Scanner from Prototyping Solutions


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