Artec Eva Lite Handheld 3D Scanner

Experience professional-grade results without breaking the bank with our affordable handheld 3D scanner. This budget-friendly option delivers exceptional quality, making it an ideal choice for taking measurements in medical applications and creating customized healthcare solutions. Unlock the power of precise 3D scanning at an accessible price point, enabling you to enhance your medical workflows and tailor healthcare solutions to meet specific needs. Elevate your professional capabilities with our cost-effective handheld 3D scanner and achieve remarkable results without compromising on quality.

  • Highly-accurate results
  • Light, portable and safe to use
  • Geometry only tracking and data capture
  • Accuracy up to 0.1 mm
  • Resolution up to 0.5 mm

2 Year Warranty

Entry-Level 3D Scanner

Geometry only tracking and capture


The main difference between Artec Eva and Eva Lite is that Eva Lite doesn’t capture the color of an object due to a disabled color camera. It can only capture the geometry of an object, and with half the 3D resolution, compared to Eva — 0.5 mm vs. 0.2 mm (in HD). Because color tracking is not available, it’s harder for Eva Lite to keep the track of an object while scanning, and it works best for objects that don’t have textured features, or unique or rich geometry. Also, there are a few differences in the software functionality. For example, «Auto-Alignment» of scans is not available for Eva Lite, as well as «Fine» and «Global Registration» for texture in Artec Studio and adding texture («Texturing») once the data has been captured.

The answer to this question will very much depend on the task you want to accomplish, the size and the geometry of the object that you need to scan, and the results you want to achieve. Unlike other Artec scanners, Eva Lite doesn’t capture the color of an object, so to scan the object successfully, the object itself must have unique and rich geometry so that the scanner can «see» and capture it from every angle. Make sure that the object you want to scan meets the following criteria, and check other parameters that are essential for you, such as the scanner’s recommended object size, accuracy, and resolution.

The answer to this question very much depends on what scanner/scanners you compare it to. Eva Lite is a budget version of Artec’s award-winning handheld 3D scanner Eva which is used by thousands of major companies worldwide. It features lots of the functionality of Eva which is sufficient for many applications, including healthcare, education, and research. At any point Eva Lite can be upgraded to Eva, which is capable of capturing a wider range of objects in color and at a higher resolution, sharpness, and quality (in HD Mode).

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