Artec Eva Handheld 3D Scanner

Discover our top-selling portable 3D scanner renowned for its fast and accurate scanning capabilities. This exceptional device is perfect for capturing various medium-sized objects, including motorcycle exhaust systems, precise measurements of the human body, and even furniture. Experience the ease and efficiency of our portable scanner as it brings your objects to life with remarkable precision. Elevate your scanning endeavors with our bestselling solution and unlock a new level of accuracy and versatility.

  • Make fast, high-quality scans of any object
  • No need for targets or calibration. Just point and shoot
  • Hybrid geometry and color tracking and data capture
  • Accuracy up to 0.1 mm
  • Resolution up to 0.2 mm
Artec Eva 3D Scanner from Prototyping Solutions


AI‑powered HD Mode for Eva and Leo scanners.

With HD Mode, your Artec Eva or Leo scanner can capture a broad range of objects flawlessly and in high detail: from smaller, intricate parts like thin pipes or valve handles, to larger areas with fine details like car engines or skeletons.

Scan the Object

Artec Eva 3D Scanner from Prototyping Solutions

Fuse & Optimize

Artec Eva 3D Scanner from Prototyping Solutions

Texturize & Export

Artec Eva 3D Scanner from Prototyping Solutions

2 Year Warranty

Bestselling Handheld 3D Scanner

Up to 0.1mm accuracy


HD is a scanning mode powered by artificial intelligence algorithms that allows you to create sharper, cleaner, and far more detailed 3D models with a resolution 2X higher than the original SD data. In HD Mode, a resolution of up to 0.2 mm can be achieved, and your Eva can capture much smaller and thinner elements, hard-to-reach areas, black and shiny surfaces and other parts that were difficult or impossible to capture before. HD Mode is available for Leo and Eva scanners running Artec Studio 15.1 or higher.

Yes! Eva uses white structured light technology, which is absolutely safe for scanning any living creature. To get the best results, make sure that the person or animal holds their pose for the entire scanning process to avoid any artifacts or noise on the final model. Animals, fidgety as they tend to be, are often very tricky to capture so we recommend scanning them while they sleep.

No. Eva requires neither targets nor calibration to get started. The scanner uses powerful hybrid geometry and texture tracking to capture the objects in 3D — even those with minimal features. Eva collects two sets of data by which to track and perform processing, which results in much easier, faster, and smoother 3D scanning, as well as faster 3D data processing in comparison to scanners that require targets for scanning.

How It Works!

Arctic Software

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Discover a comprehensive range of post-processing tools in the market’s leading 3D data processing software.

With the new Autopilot mode, enjoy a smooth workflow as it automatically guides you through each post-processing step. Using intelligent algorithms, this mode creates flawless 3D models effortlessly.

Alternatively, take full control with the advanced features of Manual mode. Utilize a variety of powerful tools to create high-quality 3D models for CAD, 3D printing, and beyond.

Unleash your creativity and achieve remarkable results in no time. Try our software today and revolutionize your 3D data post-processing experience.

Artec Studio 3D Scanner from Prototyping Solutions


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