3D printing means innovating fast and flying with confidence

Propel your designs past the competition by leveraging 3D printing for rapid prototyping, tooling, and production. Old and expensive technologies no longer have to be a bottleneck in your design and production process. 3D Printing enables you to test your ideas quickly, allows for faster manufacturing and decision making in the rapidly changing market.

3D Printing Means Innovating Fast and Flying With Confidence

Gain a competitive advantage over cost, time savings, design freedom, and improved performance when you turn to 3D printed aids and tools to optimize operational efficiency across all manufacturing departments. For example, alignment tools and holding devices speed assembly and improve the ergonomics of repetitive motion. In the area of fabrication, your company can successfully integrate 3D printing to create milling fixtures and drill guides that allow for efficient integration of complex custom designs while speeding manufacturing. To assist in quality assurance and inspection, 3D printing can help improve inspection with aids like unique check gauges and specialized test fixtures to improve testing efficiencies.

Aerospace engineers rely on patented Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology for prototyping, tooling, and part manufacturing. FDM works with high-performance thermoplastics, including ULTEM 9085, to build jigs, fixtures, check gauges and end-use aircraft parts and is the most cost-effective means of production.  Our thermoplastics are tough and high-performance, they stand up to rigorous manufacturing environments and take only days to produce rather than weeks or months.

Sacrificial composite tooling allows for hollow and trapped-tool configurations. The tool material dissolves in a detergent solution, leaving only the cured composite part. This delivers a seamless, one-piece design. You now have greater design freedom without the need for complex tooling, allowing you to advance months ahead of your competition in time and cost.

No matter how complex your 3D printed jigs, fixtures, and production tools are, they are produced more quickly, are less expensive, and produce less material waste. It takes one-quarter of the time compared to conventional machining while avoiding costly errors. These flight-worthy parts travel from your imagination to 40,000 feet in a fraction of the time so you can stay ahead in your industry.

Across a wide range of tooling needs, Stratasys 3D printing solutions are proven to do it with more efficiency, precision, and customization. You can move forward in confidence knowing with our extensive selection of high-quality production materials, you’ll get the speed, precision, strength, and detail you need to get the job done right.