Rigid Opaque

3D print detailed, rigid models

Combining dimensional stability and high-detail visualization, Rigid Opaque materials simulate opaque, rigid plastics. They give you the power to rapidly prototype models that closely resemble the appearance of your finished product.

model_rigidopaque_vase_blue.ashx3D Printing With Rigid Opaque Material

Durable and strong, this family of Rigid Opaque photopolymers provides excellent detail visualization and is available in a variety of colors – gray, black, white and blue. You can 3D print accurate, realistic prototypes that test fit, form and function, even for moving and assembled parts. The blue shade is ideal for silicon molding. The Rigid Opaque Vero family includes:

  • Rigid Opaque white material (VeroWhitePlus RGD835)
  • Rigid Opaque gray material (VeroGray RGD850)
  • Rigid Opaque blue material (VeroBlue RGD840)
  • Rigid Opaque black material (VeroBlackPlus RGD875)

Digitally Create a Variety of Opaque Plastic Shades

With Objet Connex 3D Printers, you can use Digital Materials to simulate a variety of shades by combining Rigid Opaque white (VeroWhitePlus) and Rubber-like black (TangoBlackPlus) materials.