WRAPCure – W7500-C

Enhanced Curing Performance: Unleashing the W7500-C with WRAPCure

Step up your 3D printing game with the W7500-C, building upon the powerful capabilities of the W7500 and introducing cutting-edge production DLP curing through WRAPCure. Equipped with high-power UV lights, an intelligent microprocessor, and a transparent rotating curing table, the W7500-C ensures seamless, automatic, and comprehensive part curing. Experience a new level of efficiency and precision as you unleash the full potential of your 3D printing projects with the W7500-C and WRAPCure at your side.

WRAPCure: Your Effortless Path to Flawless Part Curing

Discover the ultimate solution for seamless part curing with WRAPCure. Embrace the simplicity of fully automatic DLP curing without the hassle of manual repositioning. Its patented design features a rotating transparent stage positioned between upper and lower high-powered UV lights, ensuring uniform UV energy exposure to all sides of your 3D printed part. Say goodbye to uneven curing and welcome a smooth, efficient, and consistent curing process with WRAPCure.

WRAPCure W7500-C 3D Printer - Prototyping Solutions

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