Freemelt eMELT

eMELT: Setting a New Standard in Industrial 3D Printing

eMELT sets the benchmark for mass production in the industrial 3D printing arena. It revolutionizes industrial 3D printing by achieving elevated productivity with open-source accessibility within an industrial-grade package. Our aim is to establish a transformative global digital manufacturing ecosystem, facilitating a more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective high-volume 3D printing capability than ever before.

Faster 3D Scanning

3D Printing Freemelt eMELT - Prototyping Solutions

Impressive accuracy

3D Printing Freemelt eMELT - Prototyping Solutions

Unmatched versatility

3D Printing Freemelt eMELT - Prototyping Solutions
3D Printing Freemelt eMELT Printer - Prototyping Solutions

3D scanning software


The MetraSCAN 3D seamlessly operates with VXelements, a fully integrated, user-friendly 3D scanning software platform. VXelements’s range of advanced modules let you leverage all the dimensional information captured by MetraSCAN 3D in a simplified, feature-rich data processing environment.

Ultimate portable metrology-grade 3D scanner!

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