DEMI 4000 Series – Resin Removal

A cutting-edge post-printing solution for high-volume stereolithography (SLA) production

It is the world’s only automated technology designed for SLA resin removal. Powered by our proprietary software platform, AUTOMAT3D®, and featuring our patented Submersed Vortex Cavitation (SVC) technology, this solution ensures consistent and efficient resin removal.

The DEMI 4000™ Series works seamlessly with PostProcess’s suite of long-lasting detergents, catering to various resin types, from standard to ceramic-filled to high-temp resins. Our latest detergent outperforms typical solvents, boasting an exceedingly safe flashpoint over 200°F / 93°C, significantly reducing chemical changeouts and enhancing sustainability standards.

With a spacious processing tank measuring 890mm x 890mm x 635mm, the DEMI 4000™ Series can effortlessly handle large part sizes or multiple smaller-sized parts, improving cycle times and overall throughput. The powered lift system eliminates the need for multiple machines, enabling ergonomic, operator-friendly same-height loading of multiple build trays.

Moreover, the lift system’s fully-enclosed process envelope enhances the operator experience and ensures a cleaner and safer working environment. The DEMI 4000™ Series is compatible with popular production level SLA 3D printers like the 3D Systems ProX 800, RPS NEO800, and Stratasys V650, making it a versatile and indispensable addition to your SLA production workflow.

AUTOMAT3D® Software Features

  • Programmable cycle time
  • Storable user recipes
  • Proprietary Agitation Algorithms
  • CONNECT3D® Factory Automation

Hardware Features

  • Digital interface
  • Automatic build tray life
  • Chemically compatible pump
  • Configurable lift fixture
  • Leveling casters for easy installation & setup

A amazing scalable post-printing solution!

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