Data Preparation

Boost Your Productivity in 3D Printing

Materialise Magics is a smart, versatile data preparation software for additive manufacturing equipped with a customizable, intuitive user interface. This industry-leading software efficiently guides you through every step of your 3D printing workflow.
Materialise Magics is a technology-neutral modular solution. Whether you want to generate support for your metal or resin parts, or nest multiple parts on your laser sintering machine, Magics offers all the modules you need to print parts with the highest efficiency. It allows you to view slices, detect collisions, save platforms, and generate useful reports.

Design Optimization

Create the Best Designs for 3D Printing

A great design for 3D printing usually starts with a CAD file, simulation result, or scanned data as input. To benefit from the possibilities that 3D printing offers, you need a flexible tool to make specific design modifications or enhancements, often at the mesh level. Whether you want to produce a functional automotive part, a lightweight aerospace part of fascinating shoes, Materialise’s specialized software helps you optimize your designs with an unprecedented degree of freedom.

Automatic Support Generation

Save Time and Costs by Generating Support Structures Automatically

Whether you have one machine or 50, by automating your support generation you will reduce material costs and save an impressive amount of time on support generation and post-production finishing. Customers run their patented Materialise e-Stage on more than 40 different Stereolithography and DLP machines with over 40 materials. The machines range from large to small, with materials that are transparent or colored, or even ceramic- filled resins such as bluestone and nanotool.

Machine Communication

Get the Most Out of Your 3D Printing Machine

3D printers are complex, and getting the desired result requires knowledge of machine parameters, processes and materials. To seamlessly link software with hardware and reduce the complexity of 3D Printing, the Materialise Build Processor simplifies machine communication through a straightforward user interface.
Materialise has strong partnerships with the majority of leading AM machine manufacturers worldwide and several key CAD/CAM software manufacturers. For independent software vendors, the Materialise Build Processor offers a single API interface. Materialise provides the software platform and toolbox, then the AM machine manufacturer feeds it with process-specific knowledge. Together they bridge the gap between 3D printers and enable game-changing applications.

Materialise released 130+ Build Processors for various partners using different AM technologies.

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