They pioneered the development of automated and intelligent solutions for post-printing. Today, you’ll find these solutions at work across industries including aerospace, defense, automotive, consumer goods, dental, medical and more. PostProcess’ technologies are designed for all 3D print materials and all 3D print technologies.

We work closely with you on the best overall solution, gaining a thorough understanding of the geometries you are building and how much manual time technicians spend post-printing to helping you calculate your return on investment by implementing automated solutions from PostProcess. Our customers experience rapid payback and transformative increases in production volume and product consistency.

Unparalleled Consistency

PostProcess delivers consistent support removal and surface finishing on every part to exacting standards. Their automated solution ensures no part breakage, no missed supports and precise surface finish to your specified Roughness Average (Ra).

Increased Throughput

PostProcess understands the crucial nature of production throughput to achieve growing volumes of 3D printed parts. Their solutions reduce the cycle time for removing supports and surface finishing to ensure your production volumes are achieved.

Greater Productivity

PostProcess harnesses extensive expertise to address support removal and surface finishing on advanced thermoplastics and superalloy metals at much faster speeds than manual processing.

Proprietary Software

PostProcess first understands the 3D printing methodology, material and geometry; and then implement a solution for your requirements.Their proprietary software has been developed to include variable levels of focused agitation which adjust for tightly controlled heat, constant detergent flow, and variable air pressure to ensure the right level of support removal and/or surface finish.

Advanced Hardware

PostProcess has engineered comprehensive solutions with advanced, user-friendly hardware that works in conjunction with their proprietary software and eco-friendly consumables. Their suite of products accommodates different part sizes and volumes, from desktop Design Series machines to high-throughput Production Series machines. PostProcess systems are thoughtfully designed for ease-of-use, with features such as counter-weighted vertical sliding doors, casters for easy installation, and noise-reducing construction.

Eco-Friendly Detergents & Media

Detergents and suspended solids have been developed specifically for 3D metal parts and high-performance plastics. Working in conjunction with their proprietary software, patent-pending hardware, and exclusive consumables, PostProcess produces the right mixture to be discharged over the surface and provides exacting support removal and surface finishing.

PostProcess WasteWater

Proprietary Software Post Process’ software works in conjunction with all Production Series machines to generate a continuous flow between each chamber to transfer dirty water through the system for particle separation and with carbon filtering. Advanced Hardware The multiple tanks are engineered with a series of chambers, pumps and filters. Transfer pumps move the dirty […]

PostProcess Surface Finishing

Design Series Designed for small geometries and with a reduced cycle time. MICRO Circular Download a Spec Sheet MILLI Rectangular Download a Spec Sheet Production Series Designed for small to large geometries. DECI Rectangular Download a Spec Sheet  

PostProcess Support Removal

Design Series MICRO   MILLI   Production Series BASE All Process Download a Spec Sheet   DECI 5 All Process Download a Spec Sheet   DECI 1-4 Single Process Download a Spec Sheet   CENTI Download a Spec Sheet DEMI Videos New DEMI video! See How Automated Support Removal with the DECI 4 Enables Production […]

PostProcess Hybrid

AUTOMATED. INTELLIGENT. COMPREHENSIVE. PostProcess Technologies is the pioneer of the automated post-printing industry. As the first and only provider of automated and intelligent post-print solutions for additive manufacturing, PostProcess increases the consistency, throughput, and productivity of the third step of 3D printing – post-printing. MULTI-FUNCTIONING. With the Hybrid DECI Duo, support removal and surface finishing […]