Incredible visibility by way of glass double-doors and three-panel clear siding allows for clear observation during print cycles where layer-by-layer, a part is formed by extruding bound metal rods which consist of metal powder held together by wax and polymer binders; a process known as Bound Metal Deposition™. The media compartment conveniently holds four cartridges – two build media and two interface media – while the interior presents a high-performance extrusion assembly. Expect a smooth, automatic process and durable metal parts you can have confidence in.

  • Rods vs filament

Using rods instead of filament allows for higher metal material loading and highest quality parts while the print cycle completes without disruption. Reliable part shrinkage and higher density are some of the benefits of rods as they do not require the flexibility of a spooled filament due to the higher volumetric percent of metal powder to binder. Another fantastic feature is the ability to exhaust the entire cartridge and replace it without interrupting the print cycle. This convenience isn’t possible with a spooled filament; it requires a constant feed and storage of partial spools.

  • High-resolution printing

Our standard printhead’s resolution is 400-micron, but with the Studio System printer, you have the option of a 250-micron high-resolution printhead boasting four times the resolution; optimal for small parts and/or complex design.

  • Quick and simple material changes

Change your material in just minutes in comparison to hours – or even days – with the speed of quick-release printheads and push-to-release cartridges. You’ll avoid cross-contamination and loss of valuable production time!

  • Broad range of materials

Attain uniform microstructures through Bound Metal Deposition. Our system takes your creation through each step of fabrication independently, separating shape creation from sintering and therefore accomplishing intricate geometry and exceptional surface quality while enhancing material properties.