• Fully accessible interior

Loading and unloading are made simple, brief and clean thanks to the furnace’s fully accessible chamber with its stackable retort.

  • Stackable retort system

Reduce processing time with the ability to sinter multiple layers of parts of all sizes with the retort’s adjustable shelving system.

  • Push-button closure

With the powered push-button open and closure, there’s no need for tools or physical tightening. The furnace securely seals itself every time.

  • Graphite retort with built-in gas channels

Heat and gas flow are delivered equally throughout the chamber with the graphite retort’s built-in gas channels creating greater thermal uniformity.

  • Multi-zone heating

Intentionally placed heating elements encircling the retort combined with the retort’s stacking feature, enable the furnace to maintain ±5℃ at sintering temperatures which assist in the even sintering throughout the large chamber.

  • 1400℃ max temp

Your metal needs to be strong and dense and high temperatures are vital to a metal’s density. Our furnace’s peak temperature is 1400℃, producing only the best metallurgy. Furnaces reaching only 1300℃ will yield many steels only 94% dense.

  • Vapor management (vacuum pump and binder trap)

Any leftover binder in the part is heated and converted to vapor. These vapors are captured by the furnace vacuum pump and transferred to the binder trap where they safely cool and condense so the unit can fluently continue its cycle. This process eliminates contamination which secures good metallurgy and regular shrinkage, contributes greatly to lowered gas consumption, higher density parts and reduces the need for maintenance.

  • 10x larger sintering capacity

Your cost per part is reduced due to the furnace’s large sintering volume being 10x the size of a standard tube, which makes the production of larger parts possible. The modular stacking retort offers the ability to sinter generous amounts (batches) of parts of any size.