Studio System™ Units

Studio System™ Key Applications

Functional Prototyping

Being able to print valuable prototypes using the same material as your final product without a third-party and their equipment will save incredible time and money. Keep the expected quality and complexity of your design while meeting the heat resistance, high-strength and stiffness requirements.


On-site metal 3D printing allows you to produce tooling faster and cheaper when you need it. Test and reproduce using the same material as the final tool without losing the quality your tools demand.

Jigs & Fixtures

No more scurrying for replacement parts. Print exactly what you need when you need it without waiting on third-parties or slow shipping. Quickly produce jigs and fixtures using your own design with the freedom to improve. You’re an engineer for a reason.

Low Volume Production

Your shop has distinct needs. When you have the power of batch processing at your fingertips, you can meet those needs using the Studio System’s built to scale, custom-configurable solutions that allow for low volume production. Produce what you need, when you need it without tooling or third-party equipment.

How It Works

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