The Studio System features the only solvent debind equipment designed specifically for office-friendly metal 3D printing. Due to single-chamber processing, parts go in dry, come out dry and eliminate any manual intervention mid-cycle. Automatic fluid distillation and recycling between cycles consistently ensure an efficient debind. This eliminates standing pools of fluid to dispose of.

  • Fully-automated

Debinding with the Studio System is as simple as loading the parts as instructed and pressing start. The system tells you when the cycle is complete and your parts are ready for sintering.

  • No ventilation or protective gear required

The typical debind solvent contains combustible chemicals in order to break down the polymer and wax binder in FFF metal parts. Our debinder design is fully enclosed; parts are dry as they go in and come out. The unit uses our personally developed non-flammable solvent, therefore, no fume hood, external ventilation or respiratory PPE is required.

  • Disposable waste canister

Binder is collected in a disposable waste canister located at the front of the debinder during the solvent distillation process that follows each cycle. When full, you are prompted to discard the canister and guided through a simple replacement process.

  • Automated fluid tracking and management

The used debind fluid is cycled through recycling filters and collected in a removable trap. With automated fluid tracking, you are alerted when the fluid level is low so you can easily add as necessary without disrupting the unit’s progress.