Studio System™ Units

Studio System™ Key Applications

Functional Prototyping

Being able to print valuable prototypes using the same material as your final product without a third-party and their equipment will save incredible time and money. Keep the expected quality and complexity of your design while meeting the heat resistance, high-strength and stiffness requirements.


On-site metal 3D printing allows you to produce tooling faster and cheaper when you need it. Test and reproduce using the same material as the final tool without losing the quality your tools demand.

Jigs & Fixtures

No more scurrying for replacement parts. Print exactly what you need when you need it without waiting on third-parties or slow shipping. Quickly produce jigs and fixtures using your own design with the freedom to improve. You’re an engineer for a reason.

Low Volume Production

Your shop has distinct needs. When you have the power of batch processing at your fingertips, you can meet those needs using the Studio System’s built to scale, custom-configurable solutions that allow for low volume production. Produce what you need, when you need it without tooling or third-party equipment.

How It Works

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BeAM – DED 3D Printing

What is Directed Energy Deposition and how does it work? Directed Energy Deposition (DED) 3D printing is an amazing additive manufacturing process that allows for new repair possibilities, the ability to add features, and the creation of near net shapes. DED is an additive manufacturing process where focused thermal energy is used to fuse materials […]


AddUp offers its customers complete industrial metal 3D printing solutions: Machine design and production, integration into a full production line, from powder management to the finished part. Customer assistance on metal part production, to support additive manufacturing investment projects or additional production needs. A cross-functional service activity, including re-design of parts and additional services associated […]

Studio Fleet™

Studio Fleet™ is built to scale and leverages Studio System + technology. It possesses a fully software-controlled workflow from part design to finished part, has stackable shelving for rapid batch processing and is quite capable of handling complex metal parts. Configure your Studio Fleet™ to deliver 5x the throughput of the three-part Studio System™ for only twice […]


Fully accessible interior Loading and unloading are made simple, brief and clean thanks to the furnace’s fully accessible chamber with its stackable retort. Stackable retort system Reduce processing time with the ability to sinter multiple layers of parts of all sizes with the retort’s adjustable shelving system. Push-button closure With the powered push-button open and […]


The Studio System features the only solvent debind equipment designed specifically for office-friendly metal 3D printing. Due to single-chamber processing, parts go in dry, come out dry and eliminate any manual intervention mid-cycle. Automatic fluid distillation and recycling between cycles consistently ensure an efficient debind. This eliminates standing pools of fluid to dispose of. Fully-automated […]


Incredible visibility by way of glass double-doors and three-panel clear siding allows for clear observation during print cycles where layer-by-layer, a part is formed by extruding bound metal rods which consist of metal powder held together by wax and polymer binders; a process known as Bound Metal Deposition™. The media compartment conveniently holds four cartridges […]

Fabricate™ Software

Whether you are a design engineer, system operator or shop manager, Fabricate™ assists you in successful metal 3D printing by simplifying model prep and automating even the most challenging phases of the production process, making it easy to produce high-quality metal parts without custom tooling or a dedicated operator. Key Features Accepts native CAD files […]