Material Variety

For parts that require a range of mechanical, optical or thermal properties – like overmolding, transparent housing, flexible hinges or heat-resistant surfaces – Connex3 can produce a range of Digital Materials in every print job for highly realistic prototypes without extra assembly and post-processing.

Simple Workflow

Stratasys Creative Colors Software, powered by Adobe 3D Color Print Engine, blends new color capabilities with a hassle-free workflow. Produce smooth three-color gradients and vivid multi-color models based on the color information in your original CAD file, and/or graphic elements added right in Adobe Photoshop. The software recommends the closest color match, and provides realistic previews to eliminate the guesswork.

Fine Detail

Create precise threading or crisp lettering directly from CAD. With 16-micron layer resolution, you can see, touch, test and perfect every detail.

Delicate Features

Soluble support material gives you the flexibility to create delicate features, internal voids or undercuts that water-jetting could miss or damage.


Not only is support removal hands free, models are smooth, beautiful and ready to handle without additional curing or post-processing.


An efficient workflow means greater productivity, so Objet260 Connex3 achieves a low total cost of ownership.

Compatible Materials: