The F370 The Stratasys F370 is the top of the line printer in the F123 series. It supports a build size up to 14” x 10” x 14” and it includes support for PC-ABS Materials in addition to PLA, ABS-M30, and ASA. The F370 has four material spool bays in an easily accessible drawer on […]


The F270 The F270 has a maximum build size of 12” x 10” x 12”. Compatible materials include PLA, ABS-M30, and ASA. The F270 can print complex parts and assemblies throughout the design process,and it includes a fast draft mode to test concepts in half the print time while using ⅓ of the materials. The […]


The F170 The F170 delivers accurate, detailed, and repeatable prototyping for complicated parts and assemblies. This 3D printer is compatible with PLA, ABS-M30, and ASA materials and has a maximum build size of 10” x 10” x 10”. Fast draft mode enables printing early concepts twice as fast while using ⅓ of the materials of […]

F123 Series

User-Friendly, Office-Friendly The new Stratasys F123 series is easy to operate and maintain for all levels of experience. And, it’s adept at every prototyping stage, from concept verification to design validation to functional performance. A variety of the most commonly used CAD file formats can be imported directly into the software. The three printers in […]


Precision 3D Printing on your desktop


Big Power... Small Footprint.

Objet30 Pro

The Most Versatile Desktop 3D Printer

Objet30 Prime

Unleash your imagination right on your desktop.

Objet Eden260VS

The "S" is for Soluble Support.

Objet260 Connex3

Build precise, multi-material prototypes in a compact system

Dimension 1200es

Durability meets affordability

Dimension Elite

Dimension's finest resolution

Fortus 250mc

Digital manufacturing in a compact size