STRATASYS Releases New Material Options for High-Volume Use!

Xtend 500 Fortus Plus

Xtend 500 Fortus Plus is a new way for Fortus 360mc, 400mc, 450mc and 900mc 3D Production System owners to load material for reliable, unattended high-volume use. No other 3D printing technology requires fewer material interventions. Instead of a metal canister, the filament is fed directly from a box, where it has been specially wound into a tangle-free coil that holds 500 cubic inches of material — more than five times that of a canister. Xtend 500 is available for ABS-M30 in ivory and black, PC, and their associated support materials. Benefits include logistical savings in shipping, warehousing and labor, and more than 400 hours of unattended run time, or up to 1,000 cubic inches of material use (with two boxes loaded). Fortus 360mc, 400mc and 900mc owners must purchase a Fortus Plus upgrade in order to run Xtend 500 Fortus Plus boxes.


The Fortus Plus upgrade

The Fortus Plus upgrade enables Fortus 360mc, 400mc and 900mc owners to use the same material canisters that run on the newest Fortus systems. Benefits include the convenience of loading diverse Fortus machines from one shared inventory of material, and the option to adopt future FDM materials, which after 2015 will only be released for Fortus Plus systems.