Stratasys Introduces New Medical Solutions Group

Stratasys, the world’s leading manufacturer of 3D printers, has announced a new development: the creation of a dedicated Medical Solutions Group.

The reason is simple: medical 3D printing is helping to revolutionize the way the medical industry procures models, equipment, and other necessities. There is a growing demand for everything from medical device prototypes to surgical models made with 3D printers, and having solutions dedicated specifically to this space is the right move to advance medical 3D printing.

Additive manufacturing (3D printing) can drastically help providers and patients by leading to better healthcare outcomes through improved devices made possible by advanced and rapid prototyping and the advantages the process brings to manufacturing and design.

Additionally, 3D models allow surgeons and other specialists to significantly improve their visual and tactile exploration of the human body, which means more familiarity with a patient and ultimately better results.

(Take a minute to check out the Stratasys white paper: “A New Mindset in Product Design” to read about how 3D printing helps companies speed product development by as much as 75%, protect product design confidentiality, and optimize the design process for greatest potential profit.)

Benefits of the New Medical Solutions Group

The Medical Solutions Group created by Stratasys offers several benefits for patient care and medical devices through its emphasis on medical 3D printing, including:

  • Time savings and greater chances of success in the operating room thanks to 3D-printed models
  • Accelerated procedure volume
  • Better fit and function for orthotics, bionics, and prosthetics that can be customized through 3D printing
  • More clinical practitioner preparedness
  • Better preclinical device testing and evaluation
  • Cost-effective, rapid development of end-user medical devices
  • Shorter cycle times for prototyping and manufacturing

According to Dan Yalon, the Executive Vice President of Strategy, Business Development and Vertical Solutions at Stratasys, “[The medical market] is strategically important for Stratasys to advance patient care by increasing operation success, reducing complications, and shortening surgery times in operating rooms.”

Using Medical 3D Printing

Some providers across the nation have latched onto medical 3D printing to revolutionize their practices and performance, but not all have. Over the next few years, though, this should change as more and more practitioners and medical practices adopt 3D printing as a way to increase performance.

All a practice needs is the right 3D printer with the capabilities that fit the practice’s goals, whether it is provider education, 3D modeling for surgery, or a host of other applications. Stratasys offers a long line of 3D printers with varying sizes and specs that give providers a wealth of choices from which to select the right printer.

Talk to Prototyping Solutions experts for more information on finding and buying the right 3D printers for your medical 3D printing needs.