Stratasys Endur Materials Get New Name

This is to officially announce that the name of Endur has been changed to Rigur. This change has taken effect on Oct. 7.

This change is necessary as the legal department determined that the “Endur” trademark was no longer defensible. The new vetted name, Rigur, also endeavors to convey the material’s durability. Nothing besides the name of the material has changed.

The new name will be implemented by Corporate in early October to coincide with the public release of the first rebranded assets. That means that all Corporate marketing assets released in the new Stratasys branding and style this month will already incorporate the new Rigur name. For partners that need to translate assets: again, the only change needed is to replace every instance of “Endur” with “Rigur” instead.

If you want to learn more about Rigur material properties and applications you can watch a webinar by clicking the link below or click here for more general information about the material.