Stratasys Announces New Support Material: SUP706

THE 3D PRINTING SOLUTIONS COMPANY, Stratasys, and partner Prototyping Solutions, have announced the release of a new support material: SUP706.

The Benefits of SUP706

SUP706 allows you to maximize the productivity of your triple-jetting system, as well as achieve lower total cost of ownership per part. The material, designed for use with PolyJet 3D printing technology, gives you more freedom in design because you can easily and simply remove support material from small crevices, cavities, and features in your model – which is exceptional news for a wide variety of industries.

This hands-free support removal (all you need is an alkaline cleaning solution) is one of the hallmarks of the new material. But SUP706 also allows you to print fine details with reduced time and labor in support removal.

The most exciting benefit from a business standpoint, though, is the economic efficiency. You get lower total cost of ownership (TCO) per part, which helps budgets.

Supported Systems and Materials

SUP706 is a versatile product. It is compatible with all PolyJet materials and the full range of triple-jetting 3D printers (including the Objet260 Connex3 and both the Objet 300 & 500 Connex3 machines).

Who Benefits From SUP706?

Who is a good fit for this new material from Stratasys?

Anyone who uses SUP705 currently will view SUP706 as an upgrade. Anyone who also currently uses WaterJet will also find SUP706 amenable, as will anyone who uses a triple-jetting system.

Additionally, customers who want quick and easy post-processing, hands-free support removal, reduced post-processing cost per part, parts with fine, intricate details, and parts with difficult interior cavities requiring support removal will all appreciate the new material.

Customers who participate in 3D printing should strongly consider upgrading to SUP706 and take advantage of the myriad of benefits this support material offers.


Have questions about SUP706, PolyJet, or 3D printing in general? Contact Prototyping Solutions for more information about getting SUP706 and adding it to your 3D printing operations for more performance and efficiency.