Stratasys Announces New 3D Printer: The J750

Stratasys, the global leader in 3D printers, has announced the unveiling of a revolutionary new product: the Stratasys J750 3D printer.

The Stratasys J750 is engineered to be the most versatile and sophisticated 3D printer on the market, and brings a transformative ability to the table: the ability to build in full color with the full spectrum of material properties.

The goal is simple: to allow more realistic prototypes and products for makers. Other, older 3D printers have all led up to this point – the point at which incredible part realism becomes a reality.

Here’s more on this new product and how you can benefit from it.

True, Full-Color Capability

A major hallmark of the Stratasys J750 is the ability to print in true full color. The printer is capable of making products with a range of over 360,000 colors – far beyond the capabilities of other printers on the market.

The innovation behind this development lies within the ability of the J750 to print with five different colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, black, and white. This gives the printer the capability to produce color like a 2D document printer, making it possible to create along a full color spectrum.

It’s not just the colors themselves that stand out – it’s also the ability to print in texture and gradients. You can even print objects with finishes like plaid and wood grain – or, better yet, a photograph or an illustration.

The applications are virtually endless. For medical 3D printing, that means creating a device that showcases different anatomical features in different colors, allowing for easier reference. It also means creating different, unique parts in different colors, textures, and transparencies – all in a single print run.

Technological Innovation

The main driver of innovation in the Stratasys J750 comes from the fact that the machine can operate with up to six base resins – which, using the system’s PolyJet foundation, can produce hundreds of thousands of colors, durometers, and translucencies.

Additionally, this printer avoids the rough, unfinished surfaces of older printers by leaving each product with a smooth, production-grade finish. Prototypes can function as they would once on the market without sanding, assembly, or painting.

Another technological innovation is the ease of use and workflow capabilities of the J750. PolyJet Studio software allows for maximum workflow efficiency, including allowing multiple designers to work on the same printer at once. The system also saves valuable time and money through materials, and can print at higher speeds (across three modes) thanks to new print heads.

Creating Better Products Faster

The Stratasys J750 3D printer really does live up to the billing of “creating better products faster.” It’s more than just an effective tool; it’s a solution-maker that allows a business to produce prototypes faster and with better realism through a shorter developmental cycle.

We’re excited about the possibilities created by the Stratasys J750 and look forward to making it available to our customers.  

Check out the Stratasys J750 product page to learn more and see specifications or click here to request a quote!