Showcasing 3D Printing with a Field Trip to Prototyping Solutions

Recently, the team at Prototyping Solutions hosted the team from Uptick Marketing on a field trip to our headquarters. They wanted to see firsthand what we do and how we do it, and immerse themselves in the 3D printing experience. We were happy to oblige!

We started off by showcasing the Stratasys 3D printers that are designed for smaller jobs, like the Idea Series printers such as the Mojo, uPrint SE, and uPrint SE Plus. We demonstrated how these systems are compact enough to fit on a desktop and are great for virtually any budget, allowing for quick prototyping and designing at the earliest stages of a project.

As we explained, these types of printers are the first introductions many people have to the world of 3D printing. If someone has encountered 3D printing at school or at home, chances are they did so on a desktop printer like the Idea Series printers. It was a great first-hand introduction to 3D printing at its simplest level – but more was to come.

We then took the team from Uptick into the depths of our warehouse to showcase our larger, more capable systems – the Design Series and Production Series Stratasys printers we have in the back of our shop. These larger systems are designed to tread the line between design and engineering, allowing for some truly creative and complex works. Uptick was particularly impressed by the scale model of a playground that we had printed with these transformative printers, along with a complete chess set, an action figure, a fighter jet model, and other samples.  

It’s one thing to read about and watch videos of 3D printers. It’s another thing altogether to see them in action and physically hold their products. The Uptick team was able to see what they’re capable of and explore how these machines change the game for designers and manufacturers all over the globe on a daily basis.

Overall, it was a fun and entertaining experience. We appreciate the ability to showcase what we do and what we offer our customers. 3D printing is the future made present, and any opportunity to demonstrate the power of this trend-setting process is one we relish.