Let Us Print Your Design for Evaluation Before You Purchase

Are you taking advantage of our printing services?  We can print your designs on any of the models that you are evaluating.

Your interest in 3D Printing will come with questions, and we want to help you answer them.  We know one of the ultimate questions you are faced with is: “Will 3D Printing create accurate models of my designs?”  With some designs that question is easily answered.  However, consider the following two scenarios where having a printed example of your designs, can help you answer that ultimate question.

First, the purchase process can bring uncertainty if you feel a “test drive” is crucial to your decision.  You know your CAD models are carefully designed and crafted.  While you also know 3D Printing is the latest technology, you want to know that it can represent your designs with the precision used to create it.  We offer in-house printing services, so you do not have to wonder.  You can feel confident that the technology you choose can print your designs.  Additionally, you do not have to persuade colleagues since you can easily show them the potential.

Second, in some purchase decisions, you may be choosing between two or more machines.  In this case, Prototyping Solutions can print your design on the printer we are proposing, to ensure that you have the best information available.  If your design dimensions or requirements seem to approach the maximum capabilities of one model, you can use our print services to verify that the design prints adequately…or confirm that you need to select a different model.

Seeing is believing, so let Prototyping Solutions help prove to you that we can provide the best resources available to make an educated decision about your 3D Printing purchase.  To receive a quote on printing services or submit your design for printing, Contact Us and a Prototyping Solutions representative will get back to you shortly.