Oreck Manufacturing Saves Time and Money With FDM!

Oreck Manufacturing Uses Digital Manufacturing with FDM to Save $65,000 in Cookville, TN.  A longtime customer of Stratasys utilizes FDM in their manufacturing process and have been highly successful in saving product design and production time not to mention pallet tooling applications.

When you can streamline your manufacturing process, you add value. If you’re not already using Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) in your processes, you might just be missing out on substantial cost and time savings.

The strength of FDM thermoplastic materials make those often invisible, but highly critical components such as assembly tools, jigs and fixtures  strong enough to be used in an assembly and perform functional testing.  Not happy with your first result? No problem – a revised FDM component can be created in just a few hours, versus waiting days for traditional manufacturing to create a new part.

Tough, durable additive manufacturing material can stand up to even the most harsh manufacturing environment.  And, with hard-working fixtur
es in place, time to market can be faster than ever, as Oreck Corporation found out. With FDM process in place for fixtures and sample parts, the company was able to speed up its inspection lead time from 30 days to just a few days, at a cost of just $55 per fixture. Learn more.

Learn now Oreck Manufacturing uses digital manufacturing to save money and increase time to market!