3D Printed Fashion Takes NYC by Storm

A few weeks ago, New York Fashion Week, NYC’s glitzy and glamorous gala for international fashion. Designers from all over the world traveled to the Big Apple to show off their latest designs. Since the shows are more about style and haute couture than what most men and women would actually wear, the designs can get a bit extreme.

Especially when they’re created with 3D printers.

Several notable designers took to the catwalk last week with an array of stunning pieces made from 3D printers, producing unique designs and shapes that haven’t really been seen before in high fashion. The abilities of 3D printing allowed these designers to create intricate designs using materials different from your typical fabrics – resulting in highly-structured geometric pieces.

Travis Fitch and threeAsFOUR got the show started with an array of clothing made with Stratasys 3D printers. Called ‘Pangolin’ and ‘Harmonograph,’ their two main creations featured an array of intricate, finely-detailed pieces in black printed with Stratasys 3D printers and meticulously arranged on their models. You can find pictures of these two dresses here.

Both dresses were created with an Objet500 Connex3 3D printer and used a special material – the company’s new Nano Enhanced Elastomeric Technology, which will be released to the general public later this year.

One of the designers associated with threeASFOUR, Adi Gil, said this about the project: “Having the capability to vary color and rigidity in a single piece using Stratasys’ Connex3 3D printing technology inspired us to explore flexibility, depth, and transformation as inherent design objectives.”

Gil further added, “As the most advanced 3D printed dresses we have created to date, we are extremely excited to showcase these pieces and demonstrate the unique possibilities unfolding at the intersection of fashion, design, and technology.”

Other 3D printed dresses took the stage during Fashion Week, making this trend the hottest development in fashion this year by far. It’s something that can reverberate in the industry for years to come as more and more up-and-coming designers – and several mainstream ones – adopt 3D printing to make beautiful and unique clothing.

Who knows – maybe one day you’ll wear a piece of clothing that was made with a 3D printer!