The Most Flexible Material Ever for Your 3D Printer

It is time to set aside rigid limitations on what 3D printed materials can do. Introducing TPU-92A, the most flexible material yet. This FDM elastomer is perfect for any industry requiring flexible plastic parts used during the prototype and design phases such as flexible hoses, tubes, air ducts, and vibration dampeners.

Flexibility and Strength

TPU is a type of elastomer material; a polymer with the property of elasticity and one of its best attributes is its resilience. It is renowned for its high elongation, superior toughness, and extreme durability. The materials have endured over 30,000 hours of testing and are ready to take shape! TPU-92A combines flexibility and stretch with abrasion and tear resistance. Your complex geometries may not have been possible with other additive manufacturing options. The highly functional TPU-92A reliably produces complex and accurate prototypes. It is the only FDM elastomer material with real soluble support which means labor free post-processing. Just another way to cut costs and simplify your production cycle.

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Time and Cost

TPU 3D printing technology is compatible with our F123 Series and eliminates expensive and time-consuming molding or casting methods to produce elastomer parts. Traditional methods with molded/cast parts take typically one week to produce with a $1000 minimum and without the capability to create complex geometries or large build size. Produce your elastomer parts in a matter of hours versus a matter of days with larger prototype capabilities! The ability to build all prototypes (elastomer and thermoplastics) on a single system with fast, easy material changeovers contributes to its cost-effectiveness.

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Customer Feedback

We received feedback from our clients during the beta testing process. Here are some of the comments that we received from people testing TPU-92A in real-world situations.

  • “Parts are virtually indestructible.”
  • “Everyone is excited about this material, especially in the manufacturing groups.”
  • “Used to have to find workarounds for elastomer parts, now can design for it.”
  • “Being able to print parts quick and easy in-house. Our customers are very impressed with our new capabilities.”
  • “We didn’t know how badly we needed this material until we started using it!”
  • “Best elastomer I have experienced.”


  • FDM elastomer material
  • Flexible tear and resistant material
  • Elongation of 500%
  • Tear strength 84.6 N/mm (480 lbF/in)
  • Shore hardness 92 Scale A
  • Industries – automotive, industrial, consumer products, sporting goods
  • Available on the F123 Series printers

Top User Applications

  • Hoses / tubes / air ducts
  • Console liners/cup holders
  • Seals / gaskets / grommets
  • Grips/surface protection covers
  • Bellows
  • Door and window trim/seals
  • Body panel seals/gap hiders

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