Transforming ground-bound transportation with 3D printing

Modern production is one of the most competitive segments of the economy, and you can’t pass your competitors by staying in your lane. Innovation means going off the beaten path. Stratasys 3D Printing breaks down barriers to innovation for automotive manufacturers.


3D Print Precise Prototypes and Tooling That Can Take Abuse

Engineers are racing to turn brilliant ideas into reality by streamlining design and production to develop products faster, cheaper, and more efficiently. Advances in additive manufacturing are leading the way. With Stratasys 3D printing, being able to prototype, test, and produce your concept saves time while eliminating costly errors before committing to a final design. Rapid prototyping enables your team to iterate quickly towards a fully vetted final design, putting more bite into manufacturing and getting your product on the road. Experience each design iteration with your eyes and hold it in your hands. Explore a variety of materials and with multiple textures. The prototyping possibilities are endless including everything from lighting lens covers to luxury elements like wood grain and leather wrap. Visual design is just as important as its functionality, and 3D prototyping allows you to fully explore both aspects throughout the process. With unlimited design freedom, make confident decisions by printing multiple full-color iterations at one time. With 500,000 colors to choose from, your imagination is free to roam off of the beaten path. Catch and resolve potential design issues, and then share the vision with production, aligning your team around a shared vision.

3D Printing on the Factory Floor: Tooling, Jigs, and Fixtures

The automotive industry is using 3D printing for more than just design. Now it’s being used on the factory floor for tooling, jigs and fixtures, try on parts, and low volume injection molding. Imagine creating all manner of tools with extraordinary speed. Make Clear and rubber-like photopolymers for detailed scale models or tough thermoplastics when you need high-strength and durability. These lightweight end-use parts are reducing production cost and increasing fuel efficiency. Stratasys 3D printing uses FDM Thermoplastics like FDM Nylon 12, ULTEM 9085 and ABSi. Production-grade thermoplastics give you a wide range of mechanical function and design potential including fine detail, smooth surface finishes, accuracy and strength of metals so you aren’t trading production speed for quality.

Is it possible to produce specialty tools and custom fixtures, increase speed, decrease cost, promote innovation and creativity, and increase efficiency all at the same time? Yes, it is. It’s time to leave your competitors in the dust.

Video: Functional prototype fenders made from ULTEM 9085 RESIN are tested under real-life conditions on operational trucks.

Manufacturing Brief: FDM Jigs, Fixtures and Manufacturing Tools