3D Printers

Enter into the World of Additive Manufacturing

3D printing is no longer a future aspiration – it’s attainable now. It’s time to change the question of “when” to invest, to “what” to invest in and “how” to successfully incorporate additive manufacturing into existing operations and advance your business.

Whether your goal is getting your product on the market before your competition, producing parts and tools on-site for cost-efficient and time management purposes, or simply a faster way to test, refine, and move your design from imagination to formation, 3D printing removes the barriers engineers and designers face by making the rapid prototyping process more efficient and productive.

Where To Start

How do you begin? By asking the right questions. Every company has unique needs. We help you funnel your needs into a solution. Prototyping Solutions offers four series of 3D printers.
The Idea Series, Design Series, Production Series, F123 Series, and in a class of its own is the Desktop Metal Studio.

Idea Series 3D printers fit on your desktop so you can test, refine, and perfect without ever leaving your chair. The MakerBot Method, MakerBot Method X, and the F120 are small and designed to make 3D printing simpler, faster, stronger, and affordable. Hold and examine your design even in its earliest stages.

3d printing materials

Design Series 3D printers produce fine details, multiple textures, and colors that dramatically tighten design, advance collaboration, shorten development cycles, iron out issues between design and engineering, and reduce costly mistakes so you accelerate your product to market.

Production Series 3D printers reduce costs and time requirements of tooling. Make quick and affordable changes at any stage. From injection molding and composite tooling to forming tools and jigs and fixtures, 3D printing shrinks cost, time, and the weight of your tools without sacrificing strength. You can produce minimal quantities of jigs and fixtures directly from Computer-Aided Design (CAD) data. The workload is constantly increasing, take the struggle out of keeping up.

F123 Series printers could be classified as part of the Design Series, but their capabilities earn them a spotlight of their own. The Stratasys F123 Series marries power to design. Create fast, impressive prototypes for concept development and remarkably accurate and durable parts for design and function. It is a more capable, affordable, and professional rapid prototyping solution for your entire office. Some highlights include auto-calibration, fast and easy material swaps, detailed reporting and remote monitoring, the option of up to four different materials, and simple operation for all levels of experience!

The Desktop Metal Studio is office-friendly and the only way to print complex metal parts in-house. Lasers and powders have been eliminated to make the system safe for any facility. The Studio system is up to ten times cheaper than comparable laser-based systems. Designed as a complete end-to-end system so the usually required third-party equipment is unnecessary. If you have power and an internet connection, you’re ready to go.

Whatever your printing need, we have the solution. Contact us for more information or request a quote. It’s time to claim new ground with 3D printing!